Paann Lacquer Plates

As is true with most artisanal crafts, the process of lacquerware is a slow process. Known as ‘yun’ in Burma, the tradition of lacquerware goes back several centuries but it was in the early 18th century that it reached it zenith. 

Paann is the Burmese word for flower and we love our little lacquer plates with their delicate floral motifs. Engraved with a stylus the p igments are made from indigo from India,  cinnabar (red) from China, orpiment (yellow) from the Shan states.

Old Burmese lacquerware was very popular in India towards the end of the 19th century. Most of our lacquerware is engraved   in either Burmese, Tamil or English. These pieces are engraved in Burmese. 

(Please note that there will be a slight colour variation between the image and the product.)

Diameter:  7.5” (approximately)

Hand crafted in bamboo or jackfruit wood and lacquered with natural pigments

Wipe with a soft cloth.

Price is not inclusive of 12% GST.

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